Brad was born in 1965 ... not in Memphis, TN but in San Diego, California. His family quickly moved to Denton, Texas where he would spend the first years of his life.

Brad's teenage years were spent in northern Illinois where he met his someday bride, Karen Korte.

In 1989, Brad & Karen moved to Memphis, TN where he went into fulltime music ministry. During the first years, Brad would travel 7-10 days a month with the James Blackwood Quartet and then the remaining 2-3 weeks in his solo ministry.

Brad is a product of the church. His parents always took him (sometimes made him--picture of parents) and always lived consistent Christian lives in front of him. He was also very close to his grandparents. (have picture of them & truck & great grandmother). His grandmother was his spiritual mentor. She didn't just go to church or call herself a Christian, but she knew Jesus Christ and Brad wanted to know Him also.

(see also Family, James Blackwood Quartet)

In 1983, Brad went to Bradley University in Peoria, IL. His major would be electrical engineering. Although Brad sensed a call from God, he was more concerned about making a good living and certainly did not want to have the fluctuation of an evangelist.

Although Brad was working on a degree in Electrical Engineering, he had decided early on that he wanted to work in Technical Sales. This expertise required an engineering degree, but focused on high tech sales to engineering companies. Since engineers typically prefer the back room working on a computer, companies were paying top dollar for those who wanted to work in this specialty. Brad added a business minor to his engineering major.

In 1987, Brad graduated and went to work in Northern Indiana. In his first few months, his sales would take off and by his third month, he would outsell his whole division; surpassing those who had been there for years. It seemed like everything he touched would turn to gold.

On a Wednesday night in late July 1987, Brad would leave work to drive to church. Since he got off late, he would meet his fiance, Karen, there. They were to be wed in September, less than 2 months away. As he was driving, he was caught up with the success of the moment...and the money he was making. He figured at that rate they would soon be able to have everything they every desired...houses and cars and land.

Suddenly, it was as if the Lord said "you might have everything you ever wanted in life...houses and cars and land...but you'll always know you had a call from me and you said NO."

Brad was broken. Although he wanted the luxuries of this world, his love for God was very deep. Through the tears, he knew he must follow God...but he didn't know if he could pay the price.

He got to church just a few minutes before it started and Karen could tell he was shaken. He said "we're going to have to follow God." He knew what she would say, because she didn't have the problem with money. She had always said "whatever God wants is what we must do." Ready for her response Brad said "I just don't know if I can make that kind of sacrifice."

That night there was supposed to be a missionary guest. The pastor had talked with him earlier in the afternoon and was looking forward to his arrival. But when the service started, the missionary was not there. We sang for about 15 minutes, and he was still not there. The Pastor got up and said he had read something that day and kept feeling impressed to share it. Since he did not do that often, everyone listened. He said it was a poem and went like this..."if being a messenger for an earthly king is an can being a messenger for the Heavenly King ever be called a sacrifice?" Again Brad's heart was broken, for just 20 minutes before he had called the greatest calling he had ever received a sacrifice. The offering was taken and the pastor's wife played "God will take care of you."That was 16 years ago and the years have all been about traveling "talking about the goodness of our God!"