"A Man & A Piano"

A concert with Brad White is an event for all ages. There is something for EVERYONE because Brad feels very strongly that the church is losing something as we continually separate the old from the young. His concerts prove that we can worship together...and everyone be ministered to.

In his travels, Brad often speaks to youth groups, worship teams...and senior's conferences. Here he shares a special connection, because he LOVES the old songs. Out of the popularity of his request times, he is starting a weekly podcast entitled "A Man & A Piano." Every week, you can tune in and hear songs you thought you'd never hear again. It seems like anytime someone says "old song", you are going to hear "In the Garden", "How Great Thou Art" and "The Old Rugged Cross." These are great great songs, but what about the thousands of other great songs that graced our hymnals and shaped our lives? These are the songs that Brad wants to bring back to our memories.

If you are looking for something highly polished with new and old songs like Brad's concerts, this is not for you. Brad is going to answer requests that are sent in and sing them the way we used to sing them....as if we were gathered right there with him around the piano. No soundtracks or fancy production. It's like tuning in to a live radio broadcast from yesteryear. And since Brad feels we are forgetting the power of an invitation song in our services, he includes one of these each week.

So send in your requests to requests@bradwhite.org and join us every week right here for "A Man & A Piano."


Program 1-July 12, 2011

Program 2-July 19, 2011

Program 3-July 26, 2011